Acorn Computers – Phoebe 2100 – Last Computer Design

Acorn Computers - Phoebe 2100 Front Panel enginered and modelled by Neil Taylor at Devon3DCAD

Acorn Computers – Phoebe 2100, the last computer they designed, and I had a hand in its creation!

Product Designers all want to design for high visibility brands, and my chance came when I engineered and modelled the front panel for Acorn Computers. The Front Panel is the most visible part of a Tower cabinet of a PC, specially when it is bright yellow. I was working as a freelance Product Designer at a well known London Design Studio and jumped at the chance to become famous.

I did a really good job of interpreting and engineering the look and feel of the deliciously curvy shape, using Solidworks. The first article parts came back from the Far East moulders and luckily there were very few revisions to be made. Everything was going swimmingly, the finished computers were on a container ship making its way to the UK, when Acorn decided to axe the PC division. So, in September 1998 the Phoebe 2100 RISC computer was cancelled along with my dreams of stardom!

However, I am proud of my contribution, and proved to myself that I could successfully engineer complex injection moulding parts. Acorn Computers are no more, but I am still successfully designing.

For more information about my design skills go to Devon 3D CAD.