SolidWorks model of Anglo Saxon Brooch

Anglo Saxon Brooch modelled in SolidWorks by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

This Anglo Saxon Brooch and other pieces of exquisite craftsmanship are in the news again. I wanted to model them in SolidWorks, to see if I could replicate them faithfully.

I only had a low resolution photo from a newspaper to use as the basis for the design and I think I made a decent first attempt. I did a little research and found that it came from the ‘Staffordshire Hoard’ of Anglo Saxon ornaments, coins and military objects from the 6 – 7th century.

Gold Wire Jewellery  Techniques for Anglo Saxon Brooch.

After a little more digging I found a higher resolution photo and a few posts about how drawn gold wire was used to such stunning effect. Now my own work seemed really wanting in technique. I am going to find out more about gold wire craftsmanship and try to remodel it using the same techniques as the original artisan might have used. In fact, it always makes sense to follow the correct design technique rather than a ‘Looks alright’ method. It makes me realise how skilled and artistic the craftsmen must have been. And they made these wonderful artifacts without the use of compters at all!

Look out for a better model from me. I will still use ‘curve driven patterns’ but make more realistic ‘figure of eight’ drawn wire strings.