NHS Innovation helped by Health Innovation Support and Devon 3D CAD

I have recently begun working with Alan McLeod, at Health Innovation Support, whose aim is to help innovators within the NHS to develop their ideas. There are some outstanding individuals working within the NHS and I hope to play some part in realising the potential of their innovations.

Medical Product Design. Here are a few reasons why I love this type of design:

  • Designing medical products is a worthwhile activity. I can’t get too excited when asked to design an add-on gizmo for the latest iphone. With good medical products you are potentially making a real difference to people’s lives, or even keeping them alive.
  • Most Medical Product Design involves some degree of advanced technology or ways of combining technologies to make a new product.
  • Because Devon 3D CAD is a small business, I get to work with small innovative companies. Focus on the outcome without layers of management or design by committee. This gets the brain working and collaboration with people eager to make a difference is the driving force.

Health Innovation Support has a long history of guiding innovative ideas along the Development Pathway to success as Medical Products. I hope to add my skill and experience to this important venture of NHS Innovation.

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