Lasers in Medical Products – We can help in development of laser-based Medical Products

Lasers in Medical Products have a wide variety of uses. Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD played a major role in the design of the ‘PulseMaster’ Dental Laser for Incisive Technologies in California.

Lasers in Medical Products. 'Pulsemaster' Dental Laser designed for Incisive Technologies by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

Incisive Technologies near Redwood City in the San Francisco Bay Area selected Neil Taylor to provide Industrial Design for their new Dental Laser that was making its way out of the lab and into dentists’ surgeries.

As a Medical Product Designer I work with development teams enabling them to bring together their medical skills into a new product or piece of equipment. I am looking to collaborate with similar teams in the UK that are developing new  tools and products. You may need help in arranging the diagnostic elements for ease of use and displaying the outcome. The look and feel of the resulting product is essential to gain market acceptance.

Neil is looking to help UK development teams working on lasers for medical uses. Please contact through or on 01803 363 171.

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