Experienced Medical Product Designer Looking for Collaborative Partners

Medical Diagnostics are powerful tools in quickly understanding what exactly is wrong with patients.

As a Medical Product Designer I work with development teams enabling them to bring together their medical skills into a new product or piece of equipment.

I worked with the Abaxis teams in California who were developing their ground breaking Portable  Blood Analyser, the Piccolo. The work of the chemists, medical. electronics, control and mechanics teams was nearing completion but there was no plan of how to design the final product. I utilized human factors techniques to arrange the hardware to make a product that was easy to use and manufacture and  embodied the essence of a significant new medical product that had not been available before.

I am looking to collaborate with similar teams in the UK that are developing new diagnostic tools. You may need help in arranging the diagnostic elements for ease of use and displaying the outcome. The look and feel of the resulting product is essential to gain market acceptance.

Posted by Neil Taylor at info@devon3dcad.co.uk

Piccolo Assem Blue cropped 1000

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