3D CAD Models

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Organic Shapes modelled in SolidWorks.

This is where I post my newest 3D CAD Models. I am trying to cover a broad range of products to show what I can deliver in a quick and efficient manner.

Most of the models are just SolidWorks parts or assemblies of a few parts, just to demonstrate the Design Intent. I can complete them in less than a day and deliver them in a variety of 3D File Formats including IGES, STL, STEP and all the native Solidworks formats.

3D CAD Models, Design Project Work.

Naturally, in a serious project all the parts will be fully designed in 3D and detailed with precision. 3D assemblies will have all the parts correctly mated. I can deliver Drawing Sets of the parts and assemblies which contain a Bill of Materials and an Exploded View.

3D Content Central

This page contains a collection of 3D SolidWorks models of Products and Components for use by Designers. They can be downloaded for free from the 3D Content Central website.

Contact Neil at Devon 3D CAD

Please contact me for simple Design Intent 3D CAD Models, and full Design Projects.