Women’s Spectacles Online

Spectacles Online Designed by Devon3DCAD for Oculy


Customisable Spectacles – designed by Devon 3D CAD for Oculy.

Spectacles Online from Oculy. Choose your own combination of frames and sides for a unique comfortable fit. Pick the frame from Oculy’s new range of lightweight spectacles and choose the sides to complement it.

Not only can you choose the frame that suits you but you can pick the colour you want as well! We have 8 modern coloursĀ  for the frames and sides.

All glasses are available in Prescription and Non-Prescription lenses, Transitions and Sunglasses.

Spectacles online – Lightweight Frames.

Oculy frames are up to three times lighter than traditional frames, at as little as 7 grams they weigh the same as just two teabags!

Design your own specs at Oculy

What will your next pair of glasses or sunglasses look like? Design your own using our Specs-Creator.

Men’s Spectacles Online – designed by Devon 3D CAD for Oculy.

Men's spectacles online designed by Devon 3D CAD for Oculy

Men are not left out of the picture. Follow the link to colourful 3D Printed spectacles and sunglasses for men by Oculy.