Spectacle Frames Design

Spectacle Frames Design

Devon 3D CAD is exploring a new niche market of 3D CAD design of Spectacle Frames .

I am excited to be using my modelling skills in SolidWorks to create new spectacle frames for clients. Most people who wear glasses have a number of pairs to suit their style of dress or a special occasion. They choose the material, the colour, how the lenses are supported, the shape of the arms, how much decoration is used, and many more variables.

Materials, Finishes and Styles.

At the moment I am modelling designs in plastic. I am building the nose pads into the frame. The arms are a composite of metal and moulded plastic. The hinges all use the same principle but with different details. Another Design of Spectacle Frames uses a slender metal frame to encase the lenses, metal hinges and metal arms. I am building up a range of designs to demonstrate how the different features work together.

3D Printing of Spectacle Frames.

3D Printing is now mainstream and is a great way to test out the Design of Spectacle Frames. Get a fast turnaround time and a cost effective price.