Spectacle Design Consultant | from Concept to Manufacture | Devon 3D CAD

Devon 3D CAD is diversifying its portfolio by adding Spectacle Design. I want to design more personal products that make a difference to people’s lives and designing spectacles is a very attractive way of achieving this aim.

Technical requirements.

Obviously, the spectacles need to fit people’s faces, so the width of frame, length and angle of side arms and shape of nose pad are important. 3D CAD modelling is an excellent way of designing spectacles because dimensions and shapes can easily be changed.


Customers want to look good in glasses, so the style is very high on my list of priorities. This doesn’t mean that they have to be glitzy styles that go out of fashion in a few months, but shapes that are suitable for different shapes of faces. The images of spectacles above are ones that I own.

Reaching the customer.

I am excited to be working with an optometrist designing a range of spectacles for men and women. We are using 3D Printing to prototype them.