Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD is a professional, experienced SolidWorks 3D designer for Product Design and Mechanical Engineering Design. I have experience of designing Medical Products, Consumer Products, Hand Held Devices, Computer Systems and Electronic Packaging.

SolidWorks 3D Design Capabilities.

SolidWorks is the ideal tool for the whole design process from start to finish. It is powerful but straightforward. Of course it is parametric, meaning that dimensions and properties of a part or assembly can easily be changed. At any stage in the design process I can take a snapshot of the design for the client to see and manipulate in 3D on-screen with easy-to-use viewer software.

Product ideas from sketch to 3D visualisation.

Most products start with a germ of an idea that somehow has to be visualised in 3 dimensions. Sometimes people sketch out the ideas on a napkin or if they are handy they might put together a model from bits of cardboard and plastic. Before committing to a full design based on the first sketch of a design it is a good idea to explore a number of different ways of designing the concept. SolidWorks is ideal for quickly modelling alternative ways of visualising the concept.

Part Design.

Choose the design alternative that combines the best features of form, functionality, visual appeal and manufacturability.  Start to design the parts that make up the full product using realistic dimensions. Sometimes the size is dictated by an existing component and sometimes by usability requirements, for instance a hand-held product. These dimensions can easily be changed, if the part is intelligently modelled. Each part is assigned real life material properties such as steel, plastic, and surface finishes.


For products that are made up of more than one part, an assembly of all the parts is created by arranging the parts in exactly the way they will be constructed. At this stage it is easy to see when everything fits together or where dimensions of individual parts need to be changed.

Prototyping Data.

It is important to prototype the product using materials as close as possible to the finished article. I can save each part in the file format most suitable for the prototyping method and material.

Manufacturing Data.

Devon 3D CAD will develop all the necessary 3D and 2D data for manufacturing from full drawing packs to various files specific to manufacturing techniques such as laser and water jet cutting, 3D machining, plastic injection moulding, welding, Bill of Materials, 3D Printing, graphics and material finishes.