Remington Soundmate Personal Siren Alarm

Remington Soundmate designed by Devon 3D CAD   Soundmate Personal Safety Siren, Product Design by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

‘Soundmate’ Personal Safety Siren. Why use sound?

A small group of entrepreneur investors in the San Francisco Bay Area was alerted to the fact that many women were concerned for their personal safety when alone in public and that nearly all personal safety systems were too complicated to use, or not effective enough.

Research suggested that a sound based system would offer the best protection. Hand guns, the ultimate protection could too easily be turned upon the victim. The groundwork of making a sound based system had already been proved by driving piezzos way past their normal limits to emit a specially designed sound pressure wave siren of 120 decibels. My brief was to produce a 3D manifestation of the product with the only provision that it should be hand-held, about the size of a bar of soap and should make the user feel empowered.

The design chosen is easy to hold, is light weight and very easy to operate – just squeeze the product and the two full length bars would actuate the battery operated piezzos. The very loud siren would continue to operate even if the product was wrested out of the users grip. It could not be turned off and would operate till the batteries ran down (several minutes).

I demonstrated the Soundmate in a meeting room and almost emptied it, till I used the stop code to shut it down.

A successful product that was sold by the original start up company to Remington.