Legacy Conversion, 2D – 3D CAD

Let’s say you are a small company with some successful products  that have not been manufactured for a few years. An old customer asks for a good order of the products. Happy to oblige, you find that only have a few old drawings have survived the last clear out. You realise that time has moved on since the products were conceived and you want to update them.

Your design staff have limited knowledge of 3D designing and cannot update from 2D to 3D let alone update the product.

That is when you call me at Devon 3D CAD. I can quickly convert 2D drawings into 3D parts and assemblies, together with all the file formats that suppliers need these days. I can combine this with adding new features that would make the products a lot more efficient and attractive.

Perhaps you have lost all legacy data for the product!

Don’t worry. I can disassemble the product, measure all the parts and come up with a new version in 3D and a set of manufacturing drawings.