Fujitsu Stylistic 500 hand held computer tablet, Designed by Neil Taylor


Fujitsu Stylistic 500, Tablet Computer product designed by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

















Fujitsu has always been a innovator in the computer market and I was lucky enough to be the Product Designer of this ground breaking computer, the Fujitsu Stylistic 500.

I was co-owner of Taylor & Chu Product Design Consultancy in San Francisco and we were design consultants for the US subsidiary of Fujitsu in Japan. Robin Chu was instrumental in working on Fujitsu’s second generation of the Poqet Computer and I was designing the company’s first successful hand held tablet computer.

Design Brief.

All the problems associated with hand-held computers of the time had to be addressed: design for lowest weight, most comfortable holding posture, easiest use of ¬†stylus on touch screen, longest battery life ………. ¬†Using the most up to date components this was a state of the art tablet computer with a colour, touch sensitive display, removable batteries and wireless connectivity. We take these specifications for granted but back in the early 1990s they were ground breaking.

For an interesting historical record of Fujitsu’s computers, follow this link.