Electronic Product Design



19 inch Rack Systems.

I design custom steel mounting trays that allow all manner of electronic products to be housed in the ubiquitous 19″ rack enclosures. The trays are designed to specific heights, usually 1U, 2U or 3U for the sort of components the clients are wishing to house. They usually need front access for cabling and diagnostic LEDs.

DIN Rail Systems.

I design small plastic injection moulded enclosures for electronic devices that need to be mounted on DIN Rails. If possible I can incorporate the DIN rail clip in the design. Front access is always required for cabling, maintenance and diagnostics.

Electrical Schematics.

Electronic Systems often consist of separate circuit boards and components arranged in an assembly and connected by wires, cables or flexi PCBs. It is important in assembling the system to understand which cables connect which components. As well as designing the enclosures and assemblies, I often design the cabling schematic in 3D.  From the 3D data I can output images from different viewpoints as JPEGs and construct assembly manuals. This provides a great tool to assist the installation team in the factory or on site.

Where the systems are installed in buildings I also provide 3D ¬†schematics for room to room and floor to floor cable runs. I take architect’s floor layouts and superimpose the cable runs on them. I can deliver the Cabling Schematics in 3D and 2D drawing sets.

Here is a small selection of my work in this market area.

Atari, Lynx hand-held gaming console.

Abaxis – Blood Analyser.

Fujitsu – Stylistic 500 hand-held professional tablet computer.

Protimeter – hand held moisture meters.

Remington – Personal Safety Siren.