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Tannoy - Devon 3D CAD


Tannoy Arena Series 1, engineered by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

The multi-award winning Arena Series is a home theatre sound system with an exceptional acoustic performance. This is combined with a highly flexible system of satellite speakers, a centre channel and sub-woofer, plus accessories to enable wall and floor installations.

“A positive reaction from the market led to a prolific number of awards, excellent trade reviews and significant sales for Arena, resulting in an increase in turnover right across the business.”

Marketing | Tannoy

Neil Taylor modelled and engineered this series of speakers was modelled using SolidWorks, while working for a London Design Consultancy.

The curved 3D shape and the necessity of engineering modularity from the minimum set of parts was a real challenge. Sometimes the big challenges are the best.

Tannoy Arena Series 5 Loudspeakers engineered by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD           Tannoy Arena Series 11 loudspeakers engineered by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CADTannoy Arena Series 13 speakers engineered by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD