Pulsemaster Dental Laser | Incisive Technologies | Product Design by Neil Taylor | Devon 3D CAD


Pulsemaster Dental Laser designed for Incisive Technologies by Neil Taylor at Devon 3DCAD  Pulsemaster Dental Laser designed and modelled for Incisive Technologies by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

Dental Lasers are being used for work on soft tissue around teeth, removal of decay in teeth and preparation of the enamel for receipt of the filling.  Incisive Technologies in California was one of the first companies to turn laboratory prototypes into a state-of-the-art product in the dentists’ surgery. My brief for this product , in the early 1990s, was to design a housing for the internal components which could be wheeled between operating chairs. The controls had to be at hand height for the dentist and it must be non-threatening to the patients.

The shape and size of the components offered a slim and tall design that allowed the controls to be optimally positioned for the dentist. The control head can be rotated for best position.

The shape and style of the product was technical, as might be expected in a dentist’s surgery, but not intimidating – even playful with the control head giving the appearance a bit like a robot pet.

The laser was a 10watt Nd:YAG pulsed laser with adjustable pace settings from 10 – 100 pulses per second.

The advanced technical specification, dental efficacy and pleasing shape made Incisive Technologies a front runner in Dental Lasers when it was introduced to the market within a year of the initial design. Incisive Technologies was subsequently bought by American Dental Laser.