Blood Analysers | Abaxis Corp | Designed by Devon 3D CAD


Product Design Consultant, Neil Taylor, designs Point of Care Blood Analyzer.

While working at his Industrial Design consultancy, Taylor & Chu, in San Francisco, Neil Taylor designed Abaxis’s first product, the Piccolo blood analyser. Abaxis Corp in Union City, California, produces portable Point of care Blood Analysers for the medical and the veterinarian market. The Abaxis Laboratory System consists of a compact, chemistry analyzer capable of electrolytes, blood gas and immunoassays, a complete easy to use hematology analyzer and a series of 8-cm diameter single-use plastic discs, called reagent rotors, which contain all the necessary reagents to perform a fixed menu of tests.

Ease of Use by operators.

The System can be operated with minimal training and perform multiple tests on whole blood, serum or plasma. The System provides test results in minutes with the precision and accuracy equivalent to a clinical laboratory.

The Piccolo analyzer was introduced to the market in November 1995 with two reagent discs; Primary Health Panel, a nine-test reagent disc and a General Health Panel, a 12-test reagent disc.

Design Brief and Solution.

The different teams within Abaxis had developed the electronics, the chemistry, the rotors, the printer, the user interface, etc but needed help in pulling all the components into a visual and marketable product.  The needs of the user were uppermost in my design process so that the analyser could be operated quickly and easily by unskilled staff. This analysis lead to the grouping of the components into a small footprint with the controls, printer, rotor entry door, keypad  and display all front facing. There is a built-in carrying handle behind the display. This successful design established Abaxis as market leader in portable blood analysis.