Atari Lynx | Hand-Held Gaming Console | Product Design by Neil Taylor | Devon 3D CAD

Atari Lynx, Hand-Held Gaming Console designed by Neil Taylor at Devon3DCAD

Product Design Consultant, Neil Taylor, designs Atari Lynx gaming console, a game changer.

I happened to be at the right place at the right time (Silicon Valley in late 1980s) to get a chance to design one of the most famous early hand-held gaming consoles. While not a gaming addict myself, I can see why the Atari Lynx was so exciting. It was a powerful system with the first colour screen. It was great to hold and intuative to play.

Design Brief.

By today’s standards this hand-held gamer seems very big, but I was specifically asked to design a big, comfortable-to-hold machine. Focus groups told Atari this was cool!

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