Acorn Computers | Phoebe 2100 PC Tower | Product Design by Devon 3D CAD

  Acorn Computers - Phoebe RISC computer front panel engineered and modelled by Neil Taylor at Devon £D CADAcorn Computers - Phoebe RISC PC front panel engineered and modelled in Solidworks by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAd

Phoebe 2100 PC Tower, Product Design and Engineering by Neil Taylor, Devon 3D CAD

As a fearless freelancer working at a famous London Design Consultancy, I was tasked with engineering and modelling the custom front panel of the tower casework. It was a great opportunity to work with a big brand name on their latest product. I successfully modelled and debugged the injection moulded parts and was nervously waiting for the new computers to come back from the overseas manufacturers when I was told that the project had been cancelled. Wow, what a blow!  I was really pleased with my work, there were some tricky details to be designed in the plastic mouldings. But in the end my fame was nipped in the bud by forces beyond my control.

Acorn Computers, Phoebe 2100 PC Tower specifications.

Acorn is a well known British computer manufacturer. It is best known for its BBC Micro computer. It folded in 1998 but the

RISC OS  operating system lives on. ARM Holdings, one of its subsidiaries, has gained world recognition for its chip designs. The spec. was really advanced for the time:

233 MHz Intel StrongARM SA110 Revision S CPU, support for multiple CPUs on daughter boards. 4PCI slots, PC style joystick/game port, three Acorn Podule expansion sockets, PS/2 Keyboard and mouse, two EIDE channels, two serial ports, parallel port, single floppy drive, 4MB VRAM running at 200Hz, Slot loading CD-ROM drive, 5.25 drive bays, 230W PSU.

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