About Devon 3D CAD

Neil Taylor - Devon 3D CAD owner and Mechanical Design Engineer

I am Neil Taylor, owner of Devon 3D CAD,  an independent design consultancy specialising in Product Design and Mechanical Design Engineering.

For most of my professional life I have been a freelance designer and owner of my own business. I have worked as Product Designer in the UK and USA and as  Mechanical Design Engineer here in the UK. My small consulting business is a natural fit working with other small businesses.  I like meeting new people and find that other small business owners appreciate the fact that I will personally be doing the work for them. No layers of management to wade through, no farming out the work to juniors, and no big corporate attitudes.

Depending on my workload, I can usually get to work on a new project at short notice and provide alternative design solutions in days rather than months.  I like collaborative working and find the most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of this is talking through the problems and demands of the project with the owner. Two heads are often better than one and we nearly always progress to a better design. I send clients updates of the design progress in the form of JPGs and E Drawings (3D files of the SolidWorks model that allow you to manipulate it on-screen) and it is easy for the client to see where changes can be made to get more out of the product.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, in London and now in Devon I have worked on a large number of technology and electronic projects, many designing computer equipment, but all demanding a knowledge of how small components go together to form a hi-tech product. Medical Product Development also demands focus on small details and an understanding of applied ergonomics. I had great success designing ground breaking Medical Products in California and now I am working with a company that assesses the viability of medical innovations in the NHS.

I try hard to give good service to clients and it’s very rewarding to be told that my work is good and helps clients to grow their businesses.

Here is a summary of his design life so far.

Neil’s first design position at Moggridge Associates, Kentish Town, London.

Neil Taylor gained a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art, and started working at Bill Moggridge Associates in Kentish Town in north London.

Neil Taylor moves to San Francisco, California.

San Francisco California

Bill Moggridge, a most talented and influential designer, wanted to spread his wings and see what the USA had to offer. He flew to California and set up office in Palo Alto, close to Stanford University. Meeting David Kelley, a Stamford lecturer and serial entrepreneur, was the opportunity to enter the burgeoning computer and electronics industry that was beginning to grow up in ‘Silicon Valley’. Neil, with a number of other designers from the London office jumped at the chance to live and work in California.

The next few hectic years was all about designing computers, especially the ground breaking work with GRID Systems who developed and manufactured the first commercial laptop computer. During this period Neil designed many computer systems and the Atari Lynx hand-held gaming module, the first to sport a colour screen.

Taylor & Chu, San Francisco.


With another IDEO designer, Robin Chu, Neil set up the new Product design consultancy, Taylor & Chu on Powell Street, San Francisco.

Over six years we built the Product Consultancy to 40 clients such as Fujitsu Computers, Kensington, Remington, Silicon Graphics.

My time in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, 1983 – 1995, was characterised by many, many computer related designs and the materials and manufacturing techniques used were PU short run mouldings, sheet steel frames and injection mouldings. All of the projects required an appreciation of electronic components and PCBs and their optimum locations in the products. Many of the designs required us to be hands-on human factors designers; critically in hand-held devices such as the Atari Lynx and mice for Kensington. The work for Abaxis ( portable blood analysis) and Incisive Technologies ( dental laser) also involved creating a physical look and feel for completely new products for which there was no existing precedent. Naturally this embodiment of the research ideas was heavily influenced by how the users interacted with the essential controls of these machines.

Incisive Technologies Dental Laser  Dental Laser for Incisive Technologies.

Montara Product Design

Returning to the UK in 1995, Neil  carried out many design projects with major London Design consultancies, such as Frazer Designers, Factory Design, Therefore, Native, and Seymour Powell.

RTC Europe

Neil spent 3 years designing retail display fixtures for brands such as Adidas, Samsung, Docker’s, Polar, H&M, JJB Sports, Waitrose and Sainsbury.

Devon3DCad is the current design consultancy.


Devon 3D CAD is pleased to offer Product Design and Design Engineering services using SolidWorks to clients in Devon, Cornwall , Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol.