3D Content Central

This page contains a collection of 3D SolidWorks models of Products and Components for use by Designers. They can be downloaded for free from the 3D Content Central website.

3D Content Central is a great showcase for a company’s products. Often, Design Engineers are looking for suitable components to use in a 3D Assembly and they go straight to this website to find the part they want. It does not have to be the fully detailed manufactured part, but it must be dimensionally correct. Users are more likely to purchase a product that they can easily find, so if you have any parts or products that you want to showcase please contact me and I will be glad to help by modelling the parts.


A pair of scissors and a pair of glasses are not necessarily any easier to model in 3D and I wanted to set myself a few challenges in learning new modelling methods.

A pair of Scissors.

SolidWorks Model of a pair of scissors by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

A pair of Reading Glasses.

Pair of spectacles modelled by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

This is a real pair of reading glasses. I modelled them as 9 different parts and gathered them together in a SolidWorks Assembly. The arms were the most difficult to model, but I think they look very realistic!


DC Power Socket 2.1 PCB Mount.

DC Power Socket 2.1 PCB mount

These two 3D CAD models are good general purpose DC Power Sockets. I modelled them as single parts for simplicity, one for thru hole PC Mounting and the other as Surface Mount.

DC Power Socket 2.1 Surface Mount.

DC Power Socket 2.1 Surface Mount for 3D Content Central by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

Router manufactured by Billion.

Billion Router with antennas modelled by Neil Taylor at Devon3dCAD

This is a great router and served me very well for 3 years.

I modelled the product by taking manual measurements. Because this is a demonstration piece rather than a fully detailed assembly, I modelled it as a solid part with the antennas added, making a three part assembly.

Curved Lever Handle.

Curved Lever Handle in polished stainless steel, modelled by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

I am renovating my turn-of-the-century house and am replacing all the old, mismatched door handles with these elegant and simple modern handles that fit really nicely with the style of the house. I have modelled the handles by taking manual measurements. Some of the detailed parts (such as stops, springs and screws etc) are not shown for clarity. They are easy to fit and will not break the bank.