How Devon 3D CAD can help

Devon 3D CAD is a small Product Design  and Mechanical Engineering Consultancy.

Acoustic Unit for Mars Electronics - section view - engineered and modelled by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD
Section view of Acoustic Unit for Mars Electronics


Are you a small business that designs, develops, manufactures and sells products?

Many small business owners are experts in what their company sells but find that they need design help in bring their idea to market. Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD is an experienced Product Designer and Mechanical Design Engineer. I have taken designs from first ideas and sketches to manufacture for small companies in USA and UK. They range from complex Dental Lasers and Blood Analysers to Loudspeakers.

Are you a Product Design Consultancy?

If your design consultancy business is snowed under with work and needs a hand, I can step in to help out for as long or short as you need.

My help is usually most effective during the design implementation stage, when the design direction has been chosen and detailed work is under way to provide prototypes.

Often, at a more advanced stage when prototypes have been assessed and revisions are needed, I can help to implement them.

Are you a medium sized business?

Do you need specialized design help in areas where you don’t have expertise?

We have skill and experience in designing Injection Moulded parts, Folded Sheet Metal parts, complicated 3D assemblies of Electronic Components and Medical Products and Retail Fixtures and Fittings.

Examples where Devon 3D CAD has helped are:



Incisive Technologies,

Finsbury Orthopaedic

Central St. Martins College.

Click Here for more info about Custom 19 inch Rack Designs by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

The whole of the West Country is served by Devon 3D CAD .

I am located in Torquay and work for clients in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. I am happy to travel and meet clients for Briefing and Progress Meetings. Usually, most design studios are really crowded so I can sign a confidentiality agreement and work from home. Transfer of files is best achieved by using Drop Box, it is easy, secure and almost instantaneous.

Convert your Legacy Data, 2D Engineering Drawings, into 3D data.

3D Data is the only way to go. 3D Solid Models contain all the data needed for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacture. Why not get those valuable 2D Drawings converted to 3D , I can easily carry out this work quickly and effectively.

3D Content Central.

If you want to get your components and products seen by Design Engineers, you need to get simple 3D Models uploaded to the 3D Content Central website. It is free to download components and saves so much of the designers’ time. I can model components in 3D quickly and cost effectively. Just give me a call on 01803 363171 or email at