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January 2017 - Devon 3D CAD

SolidWorks Modelling in 3D, not the normal Mechanical Engineering models.

SolidWorks modelling a Pair of Scissors by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

If I were to spend all my time designing complex small scale electro-mechanical assemblies, I would be a very boring designer indeed. So I am starting a series of modelling familiar everyday objects using my trusty SolidWorks 3D modelling software.

The first model is of a pair of scissors. Not just any old pair of scissors but my favourite pair that I bought in San Francisco. I try to keep these for cutting non metallic materials and consequently they are in very good shape.

The major challenge was to faithfully represent the various sections, especially the shape of the handle between the finger holes and the blade. It is not circular and not planar – it also has a slight curve. I used a lofted feature which is OK but could do with a little improvement. It is extremely difficult to actually measure some of these shapes, so they end up as approximations. I modelled the finger holes as ellipses but I can see they are not quite ellipses in real life. Does it matter? Not  for the purposes of this exercise. I wonder what the German designer had in mind, for they come from Solingen.

SolidWorks 3D model of a pair of scissors by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD
SolidWorks 3D model of a pair of scissors by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD