19 inch Rack Solutions in Detail


Are you developing a new product that needs electronics to get it to work?

  • Can’t find anything to buy off the shelf that does what you want?
  • Are you still at the prototype stage and proving the principles?
  • Do you have an existing system which needs extra hardware to extend its capabilities?

These are all reasons why you  are considering using 19 inch racking, and this is where I can help.

19 inch Rack Front Panel designed by Neil Taylor at Devon 3D CAD

How the Custom Design Service Works.

First of all, we do not make 19 inch racks, nor do we design electronics. We design a custom tray/shelf which allows your specific components to be arranged exactly how you want them.

Contact us for a chat on 01803 363 171 or 07760 617 944 about your specific requirements, or email, or fill in the contact form.

When we both feel confident that a design is possible, I will ask for basic information such as component dimensions, tray depth, height of tray in U units. I cannot make PCB layouts but we can help arrange your components in the manner that makes sense with mounting holes and ventilation holes etc. Do you need a lid? Do you have specific requirements for swapping out some components?

I will then send you a Design Proposal and upon this being confirmed I will design the tray and component layout in 3D using SolidWorks solid modelling software. I will email updates of the design in the form of JPEG images and PDFs of Drawings till you are happy with the work. We can also send you an E Drawing of the design which allows you to see the work in 3D on your PC. We will produce a full drawing set and DXFs of Flat Patterns for your favourite sheet metal shop to produce a prototype. If necessary will make revisions as needed till you are happy.

How much does this service cost?

Devon 3D CAD is a small business with low overheads so our rates are very reasonable. I will give you an estimate of the time needed to accomplish the design at a reasonable hourly rate. We are not VAT registered so will not charge VAT.